One-way fares*

* No transfers between any vehicles
* Senior/Disabled/Medicare fares require valid identification
* Up to two children age 5 and under may ride free with a paying passenger on all MTS and NCTD routes
* Exact fare is required on buses
* One-way Trolley tickets are good for 2 hours from time of purchase
* Trolley fares can be purchased at any Trolley station

One Way Fares Adult/Youth Senior/ Disabled/ Medicare*
MTS Trolley $2.50 $1.25
MTS Bus $2.50 $1.25
MTS Rapid $2.50 $1.25
MTS Rapid Express/Premium
(Routes 280, 290)
$5 $2.50
MTS Rural $8 $4
MTS Sorrento Valley COASTER Connection
(Routes 972, 973, 978, 979)
Free Free
MTS Access
(ADA Paratransit)

Pass prices

All MTS and most NCTD passes are on Compass Card. There is a $2 fee for a Compass Card, which can be reloaded and will last up to five years. Please be aware that the SDM/Youth Compass Card is required in order to receive the SDM/Youth Discounted Passes (1-Day, Monthly/30-Day).  Proper eligibility must be shown and at least a 1-Day Pass purchased, in order to obtain the SDM or Youth Compass Card. Compass Cards are available at The Transit Store, NCTD customer service locations, third-party retail outlets, and ticket vending machines (Adult Compass Cards only, must also purchase pass). View all purchase locations. 

Some passes are available on Compass Cloud - a mobile ticketing solution available for iOS/Android smartphones.

Note: Day passes purchased on buses without a Compass Card are $8; Compass Cards are not sold on the bus. You may exchange the paper pass for a reusable Compass Card at the Transit Store on the day of purchase or the next business day if the Transit Store is closed when you purchase your pass (after hours, weekends or holidays).


Regional Adult Monthly/30-Day Pass¹ $72 / $100 Premium Regional 
Senior/Disabled/Medicare & Youth Monthly/30-Day Pass¹ $23 /$32 Premium Regional 
Adult 1-Day Pass¹ $6 /$12 Premium Regional 
Senior/Disabled/Medicare & Youth 1-Day Pass* $3 /$6 Premium Regional 
COASTER Adult Monthly/30-Day Pass
  • 1 zone: $140
  • 2 zones: $161
  • 3 zones: $182
COASTER Senior/Disabled/Medicare & Youth Monthly/30-Day Pass* $58
COASTER Adult 1-Day Pass¹ $15
COASTER Senior/Disabled/Medicare & Youth 1-Day Pass*¹ $7.50

** 30-Day passes are valid for 30 consecutive days, starting on the day of purchase. Monthly passes are valid for a full calendar month (e.g. January 1-31, February 1-28) and are not available on Compass Cloud.

¹Available on Compass Cloud (Mobile Ticketing App)

Fare Promotions

Family Weekends: On Saturdays and Sundays up to two children (age 12 and under) may ride free with a fare-paying adult (age 18 or older) on all MTS routes.

Holiday Friends Ride Free: On New Year's Day (observed), Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, a friend may ride free with a fare-paying customer on all MTS routes. 

Paying for Your Fare

Bus fareboxes and Trolley Ticket Vending Machines accept:

  • Coins 
    • Pennies (bus only), Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Half-dollars, Dollar Coins (all except Eisenhower Dollars)
  • Bills
    • $1, $2, $5, $10, $20
  • Credit/Debit is accepted at Trolley Ticket Vending Machines ONLY

No change is available on Buses. Trolley Ticket Vending Machines can distribute a maximum of $5 in change.