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An advertisement on one of our buses, Trolleys, shelters or benches puts your business in front of thousands of people every day, and for less than you’d think! Stationary benches and shelters are available throughout the region, while our vehicles get your message out to consumers in San Diego’s most popular attractions. Advertise around Balboa Park, Coronado, the San Diego Convention Center…wherever your audience is!

Vehicle Advertising

Interior and exterior advertisements on buses and Trolleys are seen by hundreds of thousands of people each day as they make their way through the region.

For more information on bus and Trolley wraps and advertisements:

Clear Channel Outdoor

7257 Ronson Road Suite E
San Diego, CA 92111


MTS Bus Advertising Products

  • Bull Full Wrap
  • Bus Full Side – No Windows
  • Bus Back
  • Bus Full Side – With Windows

MTS Trolley Advertising Products

  • Trolley Full Wrap
  • Trolley Interior Cards


Bus Stop Advertising

We have benches and shelters all over San Diego County, from the beaches to downtown San Diego to downtown El Cajon.

For more information:

Bus Benches

MTS exclusive advertising agent
BriceHouse Outdoor 


Bus Shelters
Clear Channel Outdoor

Trolley Station Advertising

Trolley stations offer several opportunities for vibrant advertising including the Coke machine panels, pole ads and other areas depending on the station.

Trolley Station Advertising 
StationShop Media

Retail Opportunities
BriceHouse Starboard 

Gaslamp Square Event Space
Gaslamp Square